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Web Apps

Web Applications

Lightning fast, State of the Art experience.
For Web, software improves business processes.


Maximize your efficiency

Automate multiple processes to solely focus on delivering better service.

Validate your vision

Kick-start application development with Imajine product design workshops, to shape concepts and test theories that help transform your ideas into data-led product design.

Future-proof your web applications

With a continuous integration/delivery process, so you’ll be able to check and deliver code changes frequently and seamlessly, across multiple platforms.

Customizable & Scalable

Spot kinks in your software ecosystem, so you can make changes that enable you to align it to your new business needs and requirements to deliver the best possible service.


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FAQs about our Custom Web App Development Company

It’s hard to find a progressive web app development company to help you, but Imajine is here to assist. We offer various web app design services and are here to create customized solutions to meet all of your needs.

Are you still wondering about our services? Read the FAQs below to understand how our startup web app development agency can assist.

We are here to develop custom web applications that you and others access through a web browser using server-side or client-side programming. You might want to build something unique while you’re establishing your online presence or find that web solutions will help you grow and expand.

Our team caters to various industries and businesses, regardless of size. Therefore, you can turn to us when you require custom app development from experienced web developers. In fact, our goal is to support business processes you deem important, and we do that by listening to your business goals and creating a web solution that will help you.

In many cases, software development is part of this process. Custom apps use various web technologies, and you may want your application to seamlessly integrate with the current systems in place.

The web app development process goes like this:

  1. Determine scope and functionality
  2. Create the UI/UX design
  3. Engineering
  4. QA and testing
  5. Go Live

In most cases, you will discuss your needs with a team member because they must know exactly what you want from the web development company. We’ll send a list of candidates, and you choose the ones you like based on their resumes. Overall, we will continue trying to find someone until you’re happy.

We have worked on many web development projects at Imajine, and we’re one of the top companies. Therefore, our developers are highly skilled and experienced and have worked in various industries. Whether you want web apps for online consulting or something else entirely, you need the best at a fair price.

Typically, our web application development company charges based on your requirements. We realize that custom web apps can be simple or complex in design, and that means adding to the bill as needed. However, you know you’ll get a good deal when you choose our web application development services.

Yes! If you run a company that requires a web portal, we can help you find appropriate web app solutions. To enhance your company’s activity, you need the right web app development platform, and we will make sure you get that.

Web portals can be extremely helpful to employees and clients, so it’s wise to choose this.

Yes, we do. Custom web application development often means working with highly sensitive information. We want to protect your intellectual property, and this comes as part of our service. All employees have to sign legal contracts saying that they won’t discuss confidential information with anyone.

Likewise, we only share information about your web application project with those directly involved, and everyone gets limited access based on their needs. This ensures that we can maintain your application’s privacy.

Yes, and we encourage this as your custom web application company. We’ll build the custom web applications on the server, presenting you with appropriate credentials to access the information. You can check the progress anytime you wish!

Though you will have access to a project manager to help with the custom web development process, you can also talk to the developer as often as needed. This will ensure that you’re sharing any changes or requirements, such as frameworks, development technologies, and features.

In most cases, mobile app development companies can handle both types of services and can even help you create cross-platform apps. However, you may require more than one team of mobile developers to get the job done.

It depends on the type of changes you must make and the web application development services you chose initially. However, our consultants and team members can guide you on what to do and answer questions.

However, if you’re making changes before the process is completed, you can contact the developer in charge of your web development project to let them know what you want.