Simplify your government contracts with us...

Let us handle your technology while you focus on the bigger picture.

Development services for government contractors

Government contractors face a challenging environment, especially small to mid-sized firms that must meet demanding compliance regulations and requirements.

Imajine provides services for all of your unique federal contracts, allowing you to focus on your primary business goals instead of software development problems.

We can help your organization meet its obligations as through a wide range of development services and by eliminating the need for augmenting your existing staff. 

Our services

State of the Art and Scalable Mobile Apps for both iOS and Android ecosystems
Custom Web Apps to Increase Efficiency or Launch An Entirely New Product
Internet Connected Device Hardware & Software For Data and Alerts
Advanced Proprietary Algorithms that take advantage of the latest AI/ML innovations
Build the Future Using Decentralized, Smart Contracts
Built for Web, iOS, Android, Oculus & Steam
The future of the internet is here. We can help you benefit from this new paradigm with our custom web3 solutions
Streamline Your Most Complex
Healthcare Tasks

Benefits of working with us

As a Government Contractor, your technology needs to be of the highest quality, reliable, and safe to fulfill your contracts and projects.

Our expertise allows you to focus on vital, bigger-picture work like securing new contracts and growing your business.

We helped government contractors build, manage and support software development solutions while meeting compliance and security requirements. So they didn’t have to. 

Let's see how Imajine can help you grow

Access to a different type of expertise

Technology moves fast, and by the time federal agencies sent out a contract for bid, their needs have changed, so you need to be up to date all the time with best practices. Imajine handles that for you.

Improve focus

Secure and tailor-made technology is our core focus. We take the time to understand your business needs and develop a customized solution.

New perspectives and lower costs

When you work with Imajiine you’re not outsourcing, you’re uncovering a powerful resource, but without the need to hire, train, and maintain full-time employees.

A partner you can trust

If you need it, our engineers can build it. Let's chat about custom solutions for you.