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With more than ten years of expertise guiding products from conception to production, we specialize in innovation, swiftly introducing new products to the market to set them apart.

Imajine developers working together in our office


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Imajine Studio was instrumental in understanding our needs and developing a software solution that met those needs. The project adhered to a tight timeline all while staying on budget.


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We helped Kinetico automate and optimize its workflow and improve its relationship with customers

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About our development solutions

Overall, it depends on your business strategy and requirements. Complex apps and various functionalities will play a major role here. We try to be cost-effective with our mobile app development services, and basic features could be anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. 

If you require full custom mobile application development services for feature-rich mobile apps, it might be higher. We’ll be adding superior development, an eye-catching design, and clever marketing for you.

Likewise, if you choose a cross-platform mobile app, such as Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, or Adobe PhoneGap, a team of specialists will create the iPhone and Android app. However, if you focus on native development, you’ll require two teams: one for Android app development and one for iPhones.

You can speak with a custom app developer to guide you on the right choice for your needs or to discuss government funding for mobile app development.

There are countless benefits of starting a mobile app development project, such as:

  • High scalability
  • Higher security
  • Full customization
  • More customer engagement
  • Higher ROI and sales
  • Improved brand awareness

From initial contact to completion, we work similarly to other custom app development companies. The steps include:

  1. Determine functionality and scope
  2. Creating the UX/UI design using Figma
  3. Engineering
  4. QA and testing
  5. Go Live

Our goal as a boutique software development company is to ensure a good user experience and focus on a product design that will retain users. 

Regardless of the type of app development you have, we always sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when our clients ask. This includes:

  • App development for US government contracts
  • App development for Federal government needs
  • Enterprise mobile app development
  • Cross-platform development

Imajine offers full-cycle assistance for your mobile apps. You’ll receive reliable and consistent ongoing support, updates, and maintenance at each stage of the mobile app development process and after it’s built.

As a mobile app development company, we take things seriously and know how a custom mobile app can improve your business. You can incorporate functionality and enhance efficiency for your internal processes. Likewise, our mobile developers can build them to be scalable, so they can support sudden traffic spikes and a rapidly growing user base.

Overall, mobile application development focuses on adjusting security levels to fit the sensitive data your users might input. We also offer seamless integration with your current software.

App development and software development are crucial concepts for companies. However, software development focuses on developing and maintaining a system run primarily on computers. On the other hand, app development is the process that creates apps for mobile devices.

In most cases, mobile app development companies can handle both types of services and can even help you create cross-platform apps. However, you may require more than one team of mobile developers to get the job done.

Our services offer clients the chance to grow and enhance their business through mobile solutions. The applications we design and develop are visually pleasing, powerful, and focused on user experience.

Likewise, they help you increase brand exposure, expand your reach, and build loyalty and customer engagement. Whether you want to add new features to your app or build one from scratch, we can fulfill your needs and take out the competition.

Our skilled team can handle various operating systems, mobile devices, and platforms, including hybrid apps, and are ready to help you through the mobile application development process.

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