How we help you build a successful product


We take care to develop projects from scratch.

We work with an agile methodology and design thinking approach, where we research, make, and check our propositions.

Venn diagram explaining that Imajine's product consists of development, user experience, and business goals
How to build an MVP by consistently using feedback to to develop improved versions of the product


We help you build your MVP

With the agile methodology, we identify your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). An MVP must be feasible, valuable, usable, and enjoyable. The goal is to avoid using a cascade model or constructing multiple products. Instead, we utilize feedback and iteration to develop improved versions of the product.


We have refined our process through our experience to make a consistent step-by-step road to success.

Building a product takes time, money, and effort, but we’ve tried to make it seamless for our clients.

Imajine's process to build a product consists of planning, structure, design, development, testing and launch.
Imajine's process to build a product consists of planning, structure, design, development, testing and launch.

Planning ahead

The briefing process sets the tone, defining our objectives and guides our decisions with clarity and purpose.

Through research, we uncover insights, shaping our strategies and mitigating risks along the way. Scoping gives us focus, ensuring we stay aligned with our goals while adapting to the evolving landscape. Together, they form the foundation of trust and collaboration, bridging our vision with our clients' aspirations.

Structure process and wireframing

Structure process and wireframing are the pillars of our creative journey.

The structure process defines our path with clarity, mapping out user pathways and ensuring every element serves a purpose. Wireframing is our canvas, where ideas take shape and concepts come to life. Together, they guide us through design complexities.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery drives our projects with efficiency and precision.

Through rigorous testing at every stage, we ensure that all functionalities meet our high standards for quality and reliability. This approach enables us to deliver exceptional products that exceed expectations and inspire confidence in our clients and users.

Comprehensive support

We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of your project, from inception to implementation and beyond.

Our commitment extends to providing ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and further enhancements to ensure your product remains optimized and up-to-date.


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