A web/mobile based CRM designed and engineered around your exact workflow

A CRM built for your business gives you the ultimate edge in efficiency

A custom CRM can be designed and engineered matching your business workflow. Some of the possibilities in building a CRM are

  • Better lead generation sources
  • Help field workers handle on-site visits
  • Organize a contact center that offers multi-channel case capture
  • Create personalized campaigns and more targeted marketing campaigns
  • Integrate AI/LLM’s into your customer relationship management
  • Support various order fulfillment scenarios
  • Control pricing data and automate invoice generation and quotes


A custom CRM platform built from scratch

If your company workflows are specific/niche, a standard CRM doesn’t work efficiently because it’s too broad in nature. We can create a CRM built exactly to your needs.

CRM integrated applications

Chances are you already using an existing CRM but you have outgrown it. This is a common problem we come across and can integrate/migrate an existing CRM into the application we build for you.



Most CRM platforms have default functionality that’s excessive and makes your business process more confusing. At Imajine, we can launch a CRM that meets your exact needs and keeps things dead simple for your team.


As you scale, new processes/problems arise. With you owning the intellectual property of your software, new features can be built that support your growing pains.

Cost efficiency

Third party CRM’s always have expensive subscription fees and the price is usually based on the number of user licenses. With your own CRM, say goodbye to ever growing SaaS fees.


With a CRM built for your business, it’s always yours to own which means never have to worry about a third party going out of business and you losing your software.


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About our development solutions

It’s difficult to determine how much a fully customized CRM might cost because many factors are at play. However, when you contact us, we make sure to understand your specific needs and will work with you to find an appropriate budget.

Enhance and accelerate the lead processing experience using AI assistance. You’ll improve visibility and empower the sales team to handle tasks efficiently.

Customer Data Management
Store, gather, and manage customer data in a centralized location. You can have a full view of your customer interactions and activities, which helps you enhance the customer experience and improve engagement.

Billing and Pricing
Take better charge of your pricing data to boost customer satisfaction.

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