Glaziers Tool: glass repair software with AR visualizations, estimates, reminders, and much more

MOBILE APP (optimized for tablet)

The Challenge

The glass repair industry has traditionally relied on paperwork to jot down measurements, create diagrams, and prepare estimates.

The team at Imajine was tasked with the conversion of the traditional, glass repair business process into a streamlined digital workflow that could be used by all stakeholders.  

Our solution

A tablet optimized web application for filling out repair tickets linked with an admin dashboard to send finalized estimates

The GlaziersTool product allows for workers “in the field” to detect the corresponding glass diagram, submit measurements, sketch diagrams, take photos which are stored in the cloud, modify them with AR and take down digital notes. Meanwhile the web admin dashboard allows for customer service reps to submit final estimates to customers.



Glazier Tools has a list of all your current job tickets with various statuses such as pending, complete, submitted and much more.

AR details

The Glazier Tools team can ensure the client will receive the expected product with the AR glass piece detection integration.


The product allows a team to sync their calendar provider such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar to create reminders for jobs/tickets.


Manage your team. Add, remove and edit information, schedules and assign new projects and improve efficiency.


GlaziersTool allows you to save your designs and settings for future projects and modify permissions and edit employee’s profiles

PDF Generator

Web allows you to download a PDF with custom project specifications. Ready to send it to your clients.

AR based visualizations

Technicians can easily detect product type via object recognition and give customers an AR preview of the repair to be done.

Better costumer experience drives more sales

Using advanced AR, in the field workers can show customers an easy preview of how their
new doors and/or windows would look like when it comes to frame and color.


A platform for managing repair tickets, PDF generation, time tracking / invoicing, reminders, team collaboration, and much more

Asynchronous platform, integrated with other tools and services that allows the company's users to work anywhere, anytime.

Glass piece type detection and preview according to client’s requirements with AR integration to ensure client’s satisfaction.

Detailed and comprehensive template system to define the needs of each customer, including technical drawings for precision.

Staff management through the platform generating a more effective and efficient communication.

Allows you to create PDF documents for estimating projects for small clients or large projects through the "Events" section.

Tech we used

We combined HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and a powerful database system to ensure an efficient and reliable system.


Node JS




React Native - Mobile



Mongo DB

Amazon Web Services


Service features

Admin Web Dashboard + PDF Creator

Current Jobs

This section allows Glaziers Tools’s team to create and review the jobs they need to complete. Using a template system, they can create a PDF document to provide a quote to the client.


This feature allows users to view relevant reminders and events that are currently taking place such as additional client service needed or a quote due date.


The "Team" section of our platform allows users to visualize sales team, enabling them to review each person's work, role, schedule and assign tasks or clients.

Admin dashboard

The admin dashboard allows full access to platform features such as user account management, permissions, system settings, and pdf configuration options.

Our software solution has helped the entire glass repair industry streamline quoting, reduce errors, save time, and significantly improve customer relations.

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