A dynamic web application portal designed to revolutionize the real estate landscape across the MENA region

Mena Homes serves as a comprehensive platform catering to agencies, agents, and customers. The platform offers streamlined solutions for property sales and rentals.


The challenge

Mena Homes faced the multifaceted challenge of integrating within the MENA region's diverse real estate landscape while incorporating sophisticated AI features.

We’ve strategically chosen functionality for Mena Homes that has created a better user experience and a more effective platform than all the other existing solutions on the market.

Introducing the power of AI

By successfully addressing integration complexity while leveraging the power of AI, Mena Homes can redefine the real estate experience, unlocking new levels of efficiency, transparency, and innovation for users across the region.

The platform includes generative AI to fill out property descriptions, AI based email marketing templates, AI based social media marketing, and an integration with OpenAI.

Incorporating multiple languages

With languages like Arabic, English, and French prevalent, accommodating multilingual support is crucial. The user interface had to be adaptable to different languages and reading directions, including text expansion/retraction.

Our solution

Imajine overcame the challenge developing an innovative web application that contemplated the difficulty of integrating MENA region's diverse real estate landscape.

Through a dedicated team of designers and developers, helped by local authorities and industry stakeholders, Imajine designed and developed the most innovative real estate platform in the MENA region.

By addressing integration complexity head-on, Mena Homes can unlock new opportunities for growth and deliver unparalleled value to its users across the MENA region.

Key features

Multiple users

Our team developed a platform that could be used by agency managers, real estate agents, customers, and a super admin.

Listings and boosting

A lightning fast, intuitive property listing system with multiple boosting options within the platform.

Analytics dashboard

The system comes with an analytics dashboard for listings, revenue, and possible leads.

Technical information



For authentication services.


Node.JS framework used for the API.


For database.


For iOS and Android mobile versions.


For in-app chat services.

Tailwind CSS

CSS framework.


Next.JS module to manage the authentication provided by Firebase.


React framework specialized in server side rendering.

Amazon Web Services

For cloud services (deploy and version management).


Internationalization framework.



For payment integrations.


For personal calendar sync.

Algolia IA

For IA functionalities.

Design process

To ensure optimal synergy between innovation and established patterns,
we conducted thorough reviews of new features and their corresponding userflows.

Our design focus

Our team's core goal was to integrate innovative AI features while adhering to established patterns within the industry.

This approach ensured that Mena Homes remains competitive and aligns with user expectations in the consolidated real estate sector.

Wireflows as a key deliverable

We utilized wireflows to facilitate collaboration with developers during the review process of the flows. This method proved invaluable in ensuring a clear understanding of the design intentions and technical requirements.

Wireflows are a key component used to communicate with the development team enhancing synergy between design and development.

A dynamic web application portal designed to revolutionize the real estate landscape across the MENA region

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