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AI Services Offered

  • AI Auditing - analyzing you existing applications to give guidance on how AI can integrated into your existing product
  • Machine Learning/AI model development - our team of data scientists can develop a custom algorithm for you that can be easily integrated via mobile/web application
  • AI based applications - if you are starting from square one, we can build an web/mobile application as an AI first solution with AI algorithms/integrations are the centerpiece of the product Large Language Model (LLM)
  • Development/Integration - our team can develop a custom LLM or integrate an existing LLM

  • AI/ML algorithms we have developed

    AI-powered chatbots

    An AI powered chatbot can be a standalone application or integrated into your existing product as a secondary tool. They are essential in supporting your business in sales, customer support, finance and much more.

    Automated reasoning

    Automated reasoning is a system that independently draw conclusions and solve problems based on logical rules and constraints.

    User behavior analytics

    AI-powered systems gather user input from numerous points of contact and store it in the data warehouse.

    Recommendation engines

    A recommendation engine is a library that is customized and self-taught to give users specialized services/results depending on their preferences.


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    About our development solutions

    Creating an effective AI solution is simple if you work with a knowledgeable AI & ML development company, such as Imajine. We’ll support you in the implementation of the solution as well as help you with all the work required to launch the solution.

    Accurate sales forecasts, real-time decision-making, streamlined product marketing, and risk assessment are just a few advantages of integrating machine learning solutions into your company. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of ML and how it can change your business, you can speak to a machine learning application development company such as Imajine.

    Automated machine learning tools are used for a wide range of cases, including:

    • Chatbots
    • Process automation
    • Fraud detection
    • Healthcare
    • Self-driving cars

    The software development lifecycle will be improved by the efficiency, precision, and speed of AI. Furthermore, AI tools can be used to detect and correct errors in the code, which ensures the smooth functioning of the operating environment. 

    It’s important to remember that artificial intelligence isn’t a standalone function. Therefore, our AI developers for hire will use it in a way that enhances the performance, functionality, and user experience of an application. 

    AI systems use various approaches and algorithms instead of a single service. We believe it’s crucial to focus AI on specific applications. Therefore, our consultants will create AI development services tailored to the needs of your products or services. 

    Our AI chatbot software development services have no boundaries. By creating custom AI-based software, mobile, and online apps, to mention a few, we help our clients automate their business operations:

    • AI-powered Chatbots: Create standalone or integrated chatbots that support the growth of sales by providing customized support.
    • Artificial Neural Networks: This is a computing system made up of granular, closely coupled processing units used to create custom software utilizing neural network-based artificial intelligence.
    • Automated Reasoning: Getting computers to use logical reasoning to solve complex problems is a true art. Did you know Uber uses automated reasoning to give drivers faster routes by analyzing data from prior journeys taken along the same route?
    • User Behavior Analytics: AI-powered systems gather user input from numerous points of contact and store it in the data warehouse.
    • Recommendation Engines: Create recommendation engines that are customized and self-taught to give users specialized services depending on their preferences.

    Customers are given a competitive advantage by using Imajine’s AI and machine learning for on-device development, which enables them to increase business growth by streamlining operations and enhancing workflow performance. 

    Some of the most popular artificial intelligence services you’ll receive when you hire an AI developer include:

    • Machine Learning: Create and implement a system-wide E2E machine learning lifecycle with our ML solutions. By analyzing complex data, spotting trends and patterns, and incorporating cutting-edge ML algorithms, you can make informed business decisions.
    • Natural Language Processing: Create algorithms that can be applied to large data sets to draw out important insights for unsupervised machine learning. You’ll also be able to examine current text data for trends, dangers, and potential new business opportunities.
    • Chatbot Development: To provide very advanced chatbot solutions, we can create clever AI-powered apps trained to communicate with people using voice, touch sensing, computer vision, programmed decision-making, and human language recognition.

    Imajine should be your go-to software developer for a number of reasons. Our diverse range of services enables businesses to achieve measurable business outcomes by improving efficiency and tapping into new market segments. By hiring an AI business development manager from us, you’ll be able to build innovative AI solutions for your organization that will reduce costs, help you work smarter, and increase revenue. 

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