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Advancing medical innovation: Discover our work in telemedicine with Recovery Delivered

We developed a custom, HIPAA compliant EHR that allows for doctors to treat patients from a web dashboard and mobile application.


Recovery Delivered offers online opioid recovery treatment in a personalized and innovative way.

Our challenge was to create a HIPAA compliant platform that would offer personalized medical care and support to patients, and also provide physicians with a virtual administrative space with key features such as billing and online prescriptions.

Development details

To develop a successful telemedicine platform, we integrated more than 6 APIs and used the latest and greatest technologies such as React.js, Node.js, React Native, Amazon Web Sevices and much more! In addition, an advanced encryption system for HIPAA compliance was implemented to protect sensitive patient data and video calls.

Having UX in mind

Our team started the design process from scratch, defining the possible users, needs, pain points, organizing the arquitecture of information and user flows specially for this enterprise.

User personas



And many many user flows...

Visual design

Our team created a look and feel related to RecoveryDelivered's branding and their product.

We also developed a specific Design System thinking about the future growth of the company.

A multi user role platform connecting business admin, doctors, and patients.

Our team developed a custom platform that could be used by patients, doctors and administrators.


Keep patients tracked and their information updated.


Have the latest updates in their patients medical records.


Have a prescriptions tab to keep their medication’s information at all times.

Manage appointments

Physicians can access patient data, video sessions, and their profile all from the convenience of an iOS or Android device.

Chat messages

Advanced encryption technology was used to ensure privacy and security of communications, including the use of SSL connections and end-to-end encryption.


Patients can communicate with their physicians and receive personalized care from anywhere in the world, giving them greater flexibility and convenience in their recovery process.


This platform offers a complete and updated view of the patient's status, and a billing system. It includes 100% online payment with any card in the market.

Prescriptions and referrals

The platform includes the powerful feature of e-prescriptions so doctors can prescribe medicine directly via the web application

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