Introducing an innovative approach to CRM design

We aimed to seamlessly integrating diverse systems into a unified, intuitive interface. Our goal was to streamline workflows, enhance user experience, and boost productivity through cohesive design and intuitive functionality.


The challenge

The primary challenge stemmed from the company's fragmented data spread across various platforms, including Zoho, Monday, and manual paper systems.

This dispersion hindered workflow efficiency and cohesion, leading to inefficiencies and difficulties in accessing and managing vital information. Our task involved a comprehensive review and understanding of the existing processes to pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies exacerbated by the disjointed data landscape.

Our solution

Our solution entailed the design of an integrated system tailored to address the company's unique needs and processes.

This integrated system not only streamlined workflows but also provided customized functionalities to enhance efficiency and productivity across the organization.

Key features

Multiple users in one platform

The system featured a login interface accessible to REE Medical employees, veterans, and clinics, facilitating interconnected data access across all user categories.

CRM features for leads and client management

The collected data precisely aligned with the company’s operational needs, ensuring relevance and efficacy in its management processes.

Personalized forms for specialized data

We designed these forms to be highly customizable, allowing for tailored data collection. After that, the information integrated into the respective client profiles.

Design process

The design process involved thorough interviews and observation to understand the company's workflows and operational methods, ensuring our solution was tailored to their specific needs.

Our design focus

Our design focus was user-oriented, aimed at providing a better experience for every individual involved in the process, ensuring efficiency at each step.

User-centric insights

Through extensive interviews, we gained insights into their workflows and needs. These interactions guided us in tailoring our solution to meet diverse requirements and enhance usability.

Solutions through wireframing

We crafted clear and precise blueprints for our solutions, ensuring alignment with user needs and project goals. Through iterative refinement and feedback, we created streamlined and user-centric designs ready for development.

Iterative evolution with prototypes

In the prototyping process, we iteratively refined our solutions from conceptual ideas to tangible prototypes. Each iteration incorporated feedback, driving continuous improvement aligned with user needs and project objectives.

Integrating diverse systems into a unified, intuitive interface

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