Transform your business data into actionable insights

A mobile app and web dashboard for services businesses that transforms raw data into valuable insights, giving you a comprehensive view of your financial health and KPI’s


The problem

Small and medium-sized companies are facing the impact of a changing economy, where effective information management is essential to maintain/grow business.

It’s not easy to track your customers, sales goals, sales by product type, and stay focused on your KPI’s. There were no products that centralized all this key information into an easy to use dashboard/mobile app.

Our solution

A web/mobile application for business control, offering comprehensive financial data visualization.

Hoober allows a service based business to sync their bank account and accounting via QuickBook’s so their financial status / history is available in real time in the application. Allowing companies to set KPI’s such as goals and also being linked with CRM’s such as Jobber and HouseCall Pro, Hoober is the ultimate solution to track your financials and make sure you reach your KPI’s.

Key features

Budget Tool

Synchronizes with Quickbooks to create an annual expense budget, categorizing expenses.

KPI Dashboard

Organizes a wish list with all the KPIs you want to stay updated on. You can organize KPIs and adjust their targets.


Helps determine targets for profits, marketing expenses, estimates, necessary staff, etc.

Design process

Our design process includes extensive competitor research, as well as defining the user personas who will be using the platform. This allows us to understand the vision of each user who will engage with the product and therefore ensure a user experience that exceeds expectations.

Information architecture

Once the user information has been collected, the information architecture must be defined.

This means implementing methodologies that allow us to define a structure where the main functionalities and features are established.


The design team played a crucial role in the construction of KPI Dashboards.

These dashboards organize a wish list with all the KPIs you want to keep track of. You can arrange the KPIs and adjust their target business. All our development processes involve personalized work with wireflows built in collaboration with the client.

Technical information

Hoober is versatile in the administration of various integrations and platforms, ranging from financial aspects to operational and customer management.




Mongo DB

Node JS

React & React Native



For payment integrations.


Accounting services and invoice management


Billing and bank account verification


CRM – client and job management

HouseCall Pro

CRM – client and job management

Hoober leverages NestJS and NextJS for its backend and frontend, employing a Rest API with a hexagonal architecture. The project embraces microservices as standalone applications, utilizing Redis as a memory database.

NestJS and NextJS: NestJS is a backend framework for building scalable and efficient server-side applications using TypeScript. NextJS is a frontend framework that enables React applications to be server-rendered. Both provide robust tools for creating modern web applications.

Rest API with Hexagonal Architecture: A hexagonal architecture, also known as ports and adapters, is a design pattern used to create loosely coupled application components. This fosters flexibility and ease of maintenance in the system.

Microservices with Redis: Microservices architecture involves developing a single application as a suite of small, independent services. Redis, as an in-memory database, enhances data retrieval speed, making it a suitable choice for microservices.

Transform your business data into actionable insights

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