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Using a tried and tested professional process, we help enterprise and consumer businesses launch top-tier Android and iOS applications.

Whether it’s product design, API integrations, front end engineering, or back-end engineering, our diverse team has the knowledge to turn your mobile application a home run.


Streamlined operations

A mobile can significantly improve business operations, from automating tasks to facilitating smoother communication within teams and with customers.

Better Reach

Reaching customers via email has gotten harder with even stricter spam filtering algorithms from Google and Microsoft. With your own mobile app, you can achieve better open rates and ultimately more success via push notifications.

Market expansion

A mobile app allows your business to expand it’s market reach beyond geographical limitations, tapping into new customer bases.


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About our development solutions

Enterprise mobile apps are sophisticated software systems that are created specifically for an organization’s needs. The app has to be built based on the global strategy of the company and make functions available on different mobile devices. 

Overall, the enterprise mobile application development process focuses on developing user-friendly software that features many types of data and complies with security standards.

Our team caters to various industries and businesses, regardless of size. Therefore, you can turn to us when you require custom app development from experienced web developers. In fact, our goal is to support business processes you deem important, and we do that by listening to your business goals and creating a web solution that will help you.

In many cases, software development is part of this process. Custom apps use various web technologies, and you may want your application to seamlessly integrate with the current systems in place.

On the other hand, if you leave any vulnerabilities in your web or mobile app, you expose your company and customers to security breaches, which can lead to lost/stolen data.

Thankfully, the team at Imajine has over a decade of experience with web and mobile application development services, so you can rest assured that, regardless of the service you request, you’ll get industry-specific solutions that will target your needs perfectly.

Whether you need iOS app development, Android development, or web development, you’ll get an expert that will work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring you get the results you wanted in the first place.

If you require full custom mobile application development services for feature-rich mobile apps, it might be higher. We’ll be adding superior development, an eye-catching design, and clever marketing for you.

Likewise, if you choose a cross-platform mobile app, such as Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, or Adobe PhoneGap, a team of specialists will create the iPhone and Android app. However, if you focus on native development, you’ll require two teams: one for Android app development and one for iPhones.

You can speak with a custom app developer to guide you on the right choice for your needs or to discuss government funding for mobile app development.

There are three types of enterprise mobile applications:

  • Employee-level Apps – These are for internal operations and are simple because they offer a small feature list. For example, it might be a messaging tool to help people communicate or get updates about minor aspects.
  • Company-level Apps – Mobile apps help departments work together while engaging with the organization using a private network. You can easily download documents or contact the CEO.
  • Department-level Apps – These apps offer more productivity for specific departments. For example, a Human Resources management app will improve the efficiency and solve employee problems faster.

When you choose mobile app development consulting from Imajine, you get the benefits of working with enterprise mobile app developers who understand you and know what you need. This includes:

  • Transaction Control – Retailers and other businesses that use e-Commerce payment systems need enterprise apps that improve money management so that you’re aware of payment deadlines and can set up notifications based on your specific parameters.
  • Better Data Management – Mobile enterprise application development improves the operations related to data processing, verification, analysis, and adjustment. You’ll enhance efficiency.
  • Reduce Paperwork and Errors – Using enterprise software means that you have less paperwork and can automate many of the tasks. Your experts will focus on goals and less on data entry.
  • Monitoring – Our enterprise app development services can help you create software that moves your office away from the traditional building. It’s easier to monitor your employee’s progress, and they can report through your business management apps.
  • Certification Automation and Employee Onboarding – Corporate systems often use enterprise applications for the onboarding process. Automation can save you time and effort, and the app handles all the information while optimizing the work.
  • Better Control of the Supply Chain – Though enterprise app development costs are usually high, it’s worth the price because you can leverage your app to help with supply chain needs. It will improve delivery, planning, transportation, and management, which means you’re saving money.
  • Support for Clients – When you build enterprise mobile apps, they will support your clients 24/7. Humans still handle complex tasks, but you can avoid some security issues and even solve recurring problems.

Our services include many things, and we are a hybrid mobile app development company. This means we will combine different web technologies to create a hybrid app. That is a great solution if your idea will be used in different environments and you want one app for all.

However, we can also be your React native mobile app development company. This means we can work with different languages and frameworks for your project, tackling front-end and back-end needs. We understand APIs, cloud platforms, and server-side technologies. Whether you’re using React, Java, Azure, or Amazon AWS, we can fulfill your technical requirements.

We will help you choose the enterprise mobile app development platform that meets your needs. In many cases, that means we’re using varying technologies and could be one person’s Ionic mobile app development company and focus on Javascript mobile app development for another client. 

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