A consumer, fintech application for tracking credit card rewards

Imajine was hired for the entire YieldsBucks product design and development.


The Challenge

There was no existing universal application for consumers to store all their credit cards for the purpose of seeing credit card rewards/cashbacks by spending category.

It’s a challenge to aggregate all of a consumer’s credit cards including cashbacks by spend category because it requires a secure bank integration and data library for credit cards.

Our Solution

We engineered secure, Android and iOS mobile applications linked with the latest and greatest banking technology and additional API integrations for shopping and credit card rewards.

Design process

For the design process, we considered that the app will be used for people above the age of 18. Because this was a very broad user base, we focused on creating a design to that would be easy to use for a very large audience regardless of demographic.

1. Define user types and create the best experience for them

The consideration of the user experience was easy to make because the standard of range of use.

For this product, the age and gender wasn’t a limitation. In terms of design, we focused on design for the “Next million of users” which means that we kept the design open ended and flexible… considering that anyone should have access to the benefits obtained from their financial products.

2. Translate the UX Research into visual elements

To make an intuitive product we used simple, universal elements for users to be able to focus on key product activities.

We used the branding (logo, typography) that the client provided and also used color schemes (blue for the primary color, yellow for secondary) that the client requested. 


Credit card rewards

YieldBucks allows users to
find a list of rewards
according to the bank and credit or debit cards and apply for those that you are interested in.

Find New Credit Cards

YieldBucks contains a directory of new credit cards for users to choose from/sign up for based on their spending habits

Shopping Card Match

YieldBucks is able to determine which store/brand a consumer is shopping at and recommends which credit card would maximize cashback.

Nearby Rewards

YieldBucks has a GPS integration and displays a map so users are able to find nearby cashbacks.

Technical information

As a fintech platform with a focus on security and a wide user audience,  our team worked with highly secure financials API integrations and chose technologies that would provide a very smooth user experience.


Google Cloud



React native - Mobile


CC Stack

Credit cards and banks data


Financial account connection

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