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Find out how Imajine's IoT technology has brought Bench Sentry to the top of real-time monitoring

Offering a solution for real-time monitoring of equipment, protecting, tracking, and notifying you when a package is delivered.


The challenge

BenchSentry needed a custom app to integrate with various IoT devices, process real-time data, and ensure security and scalability.

Also it was important to provide detailed analysis and having control of any product available as well as geolocation while maintaining a clear and simple interface for customers that could be integrated to other Iot platforms such as Genie Wi-Fi garage door openers.

Our Solution

Our IoT solution streamlines operations with seamless device integration and real-time data processing

For a customized IoT application that meets your unique requirements, we integrate with a wide variety of IoT devices and process real-time data to gain valuable insights. Our extensive testing and optimization ensures that your application works seamlessly in any environment.


User codes

Users have the ability to change the owner code, ensuring secure ownership control.

Manage access

Manage access by adding or removing entry codes for other individuals.

Activities control

Users can access a overview of all Bench events, including openings, closures, unsuccessful closure attempts, and logs of who accessed the Bench

Historics events

Users can conveniently check both future and past deliveries, providing a complete record of Bench-related activities

Schedule deliveries

The app allows users to schedule deliveries from popular courier services such as UPS, FedEx, or private couriers

Wifi connection

Allows you to manage the Bench’s connection to the Wi-Fi network and select from three different usage modes, adapting to the user’s preferences and needs.

Design process

The carefully crafted product architecture serves as the backbone, ensuring a consistent experience.

Detailed and user-centric, wireflows guide interaction from conception to implementation, ensuring an intuitive and efficient design.

From wireframing to prototyping and user testing, we ensure that your app is intuitive and easy to use

We follow Atomic Design principles to create scalable and modular design systems for BenchSentry's IoT app.

Our design process begins with creating a library of reusable components and patterns, allowing for efficient and consistent design across the app. With Atomic Design, we ensure a cohesive and flexible design system that can adapt to BenchSentry’s evolving needs.

Admin Panel

Bench Sentry's main function for customers is to provide a secure and convenient way to receive package deliveries.

Bench Sentry’s IoT technology captures bench data, which is analyzed and accessed via the app, providing customers with real-time monitoring of packages, bench availability, weather conditions, and air quality

Technical information

Considering that this is a platform that requires requesting and sending data over again from different platforms, we have implemented technologies to deliver a nice and smooth performance of the product.

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