Crowdpac, the leading social crowdfunding platform, makes collective financing easier than ever

Imajine was hired to convert Crowdpac from a crowdfunding platform to a social network for politics.


The challenge

Crowdpac was originally conceived of as a political crowdfunding platform but sought to branch out into a social network.

When developing the platform, we had to consider various factors, including robustness, ease of use, and technology to be used. It was also important to understand the legal and cybersecurity implications of politics. The success of the project relied on careful planning and resource allocation.

Our Solution

We used the latest and greatest tech and a professional process to convert and all the crowdfunding features and merge them into a political social network.

Imajine used cutting edge technologies such as React Native, Next.js, Laravel / PHP to improve the interactivity of the website and create a more responsive user interface. In addition, it optimized the website’s code and database to improve load times and reduce latency.

Design process

By taking a user-centered approach, we conducted extensive research to understand our audience’s needs.

1. Find the right user and make it easy for them

We pay attention to the current user on the platform to define their demographics

To create a more intuitive platform, we needed extensive user information. By observing user behavior in the current environment, we gained insights. Analyzing posts with high interactions and user demographics helped define user personas. With this data, we structured the information architecture and user flow effectively for the design process.

2. Translate the UX Research into visual elements​

The visual elements are the main reusable components and styles used throughout the software system. ​

In this case the visual elements and branding were already created, but according to the UX results we improved the communication system, creating and defying a better hierarchy of elements and guidelines about how to use every style according the case.

Visual Design

With user insights in mind, we developed wireframes and prototypes that went through iterations to refine the userflow and improve the platform’s architecture. We kept the Crowdpac branding and identity in mind to create an aesthetically pleasing visual design that reinforced the product’s purpose.


Create Campaigns

Support your cause You can create campaigns to collect founds for your political or social cause.


Contribute with your community! Donate to the created causes by political or social organization.

Integration: DemocracyEngine


Support your favorite politicians! Endorse the political candidates of your preference.


Create or sign petitions to support possible causes and share with friends.

Create Groups

Be part of your local groups and create new ones share specific content with an specific group according to your interests.


Keep in touch, send private messages to your friends. Know if they received or read your messages.


Stay updated! Receive notifications when any of your friends interacts with your content.

Invite Friends

Feel free to invite your friends and neighbours to collaborate to their community wrought.

Feature Highlight


Create campaigns to collect money for political office or for a specific cause.

This feature allows users to create campaigns that allow them to collect donations/pledges for their run for political office or one behalf of a non-profit for a certain cause.

Verification process before receiving funds.

According to campaign finance law, there is a verification process that takes to verify candidates before the funds are allowed to be disbursed. Crowdpac is integrated with DemocracyEngine to handle bank payouts. 

Donate or pledge with Bitcoin or US dollars

From the web and mobile application users donate / pledge to campaigns with credit / debit card or using Bitcoin. Crowdpac is proud to be the first political fundraising platform integrated with cryptocurrency. 


Groups are a feature on Crowdpac that allows users to create and join groups based on shared interests, hobbies, professions, or geographical locations.

As part of the development process for the Groups feature on the Crowdpac platform, our team utilized various integrations to enhance the functionality and user experience of the feature such as livestream video, real time chat, news aggregation and much more!

Admin Panel

The admin panel is needed to provide Crowdpac’s team with comprehensive tools to manage the platform’s data, including user accounts, donations, and campaign information.

The web dashboard and app is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their experience to their preferences, including search filters, personalized candidate recommendations, and social media integration. This makes an admin panel even more of a necessity to help moderate content and prevent abuse.

The platform’s success was the result of Imajine’s mix of highly skilled team of developers, data scientists, and cybersecurity experts.

Technical information

Major web technologies such as Vue.js, Laravel and mobile technologies like React Native were used to create a high performing and easy to use software product.






React Native



Democracy Engine

Politically Compliant Payment Processing


Email Notifications


Search and Filtering


Livestream Video

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