Enhancing professional connectivity and knowledge sharing in the medical field

By understanding the unique needs and workflows of physicians, we tailored the design to facilitate productive interactions and meaningful connections within the professional community.


The power of centralization

Introducing Vawlt M.D., a platform designed to centralize resources for physician members by specialty and sub-specialty. From academic journal clubs to professional associations and events, Vawlt M.D. streamlines access to essential resources in a convenient web dashboard.

The opportunity

In a landscape where such a comprehensive platform catering to physician members by specialty and sub-specialty was non-existent, the emergence of Vawlt M.D. presented a groundbreaking opportunity.

Through our expertise and strategic guidance, we contributed to the conceptualization and development of a platform that addresses the unique needs of physicians.

Our contribution

Our role involved identifying key functionalities, designing user-friendly interfaces, and implementing technologies to ensure optimal performance. By leveraging our technical proficiency and industry insights, we empowered the team behind Vawlt M.D. to transform their vision into reality.

Key features

Huddles and Forums

Develop, invite and engage in real time specialty and sub-specialty specific public and/or private huddles to connect with colleagues.

Journal Clubs

Develop and invite VAWLT MD members to participate in specialty and sub-specialty specific public and/or private Journal Clubs.

Members and Contacts

Quickly connect with other VAWLT MD members and expand your professional network through access to shared member profiles.

My Feed

Stay updated in real-time with Specialty-Specific Society and Association Announcements, Events, and VAWLT MD Huddle or Journal Club Activities through your customized VAWLT MD Feed.


VAWLT MD members are directly connected to their specialty and sub specialty societies and associations.

Technical information


Node.JS + Express.JS

For server purposes.




Data base motor.


Front-end framework.


Front-end framework.



To sync calendars.


For payment integrations.


To send SMS.


To send emails.

Design process

We prioritized creating an intuitive experience for physicians, ensuring easy navigation and access to essential resources.

Our design focus

Our design principles emphasize clarity, simplicity, and efficiency, allowing physicians to quickly find what they need without unnecessary friction.

We also prioritized visual aesthetics to enhance engagement and usability.

Enhancing professional connectivity and knowledge sharing

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