A custom e-commerce experience for a prominent hardwood supplier based in Colorado, Wellco Hardwoods.

The Wellco Hardwoods platform includes an admin CRM to manage key features such as inventory and measurements/pricing configuration. All dynamic from the CRM carries over into a custom shopping experience.


The challenge

No existing e-commerce platforms like Shopify or WordPress fit the complex workflow that Wellco needed to successfully implement their customer checkout/product selection experience.

A niche industry like hardwoods has dynamic pricing based on category of woods, measurements requested by customer, and also the variable pricing of wood based on macroeconomics.

Our solution

The solution was to create a versatile CRM and scalable e-commerce platform. Through a professional process of design and engineering, we guided Wellco Hardwoods smoothly to launch.

We used the latest and greatest technologies such as React.js, Node.js, and also API integrations such as SendGrid for email notifications and iTransact for credit/debit card transactions.

Design process

Our design principles emphasize clarity, simplicity, and efficiency, allowing physicians to quickly find what they need without unnecessary friction.

We also prioritize visual aesthetics to enhance engagement and usability.



The e-commerce platform provides a user-friendly interface, enabling customers to explore, select, and securely purchase products, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience

Admin Panel

The admin panel empowers control, offering a comprehensive interface for overseeing orders, managing inventory, and facilitating seamless business operations on the platform


Streamlined payment processes on the platform guarantee secure transactions, providing users with a seamless and trustworthy financial experience


Optimized inventory management ensures accurate stock levels, promoting efficient operations, and satisfying customer demands seamlessly on the platform


Efficient platform notifications enhance user experience, providing real-time updates on orders, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction

Admin panel

The admin dashboard controls prices, stock, and orders

The admin had an integration with Monday, a CRM used to manage the operational process of order construction and assembly. Additionally, there was an integration with Quickbooks, enabling the admin to oversee accounting books and products

Technical information

Given the need for data exchange across various platforms, our implementation of cutting-edge technologies ensures a smooth and efficient performance for seamless operations on this platform


Node JS









Email notifications

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