Elevating Genie Company's Innovation with IoT: Unveiling How Imajine Empowered Customized Products for a Connected Future


The challenge

Genie Garage Door is a company dedicated to manufacturing remote-controlled garage door opening systems and needed advanced integrations.

IOT innovation moves very quickly and Genie’s cloud infrastructure for managing devices quickly became outdated. The Genie Garage Door ecosystem also needed some backend upgrades/refactoring and API integrations written in the latest and greatest programming languages.

The solution

Imajine played a pivotal role in the Genie Garage Door project, transitioning from version 2 to version 3 of their software.

We helped Genie migrate to Amazon Web Services for their IOT eco-system. Our work also included integrating Genie with the Google Home API, improving the management application, and creating a cloud module for more efficient data handling. Additionally, the code was refactored to maintain compatibility with previous versions.

Our main service

Our team developed a custom platform working side by side with Genie Garage Door’s team to deliver outstanding results.

Genie enters the Smart Home realm with the Aladdin Connect® app, empowering homeowners to remotely manage their largest entry point.

Genie offers various Smart Home products for garage Wi-Fi upgrades and seamless integration into existing Smart Home setups. Partnering with leading home automation companies, Genie ensures flexibility, allowing homeowners to seamlessly incorporate their garage into their preferred Smart Home platform.

Technical information

We used IaC (Infrastructure as code) which are tools that allow to create infrastructure in the cloud. In our case, we used CDK, a tool that allows developers to create resources in AWS cloud services. We also worked in Monorepos. Using orchestrators or dependency managers such as Rush.js / Inversify js our team facilitated the management of dependencies and improved the modularity of Genie’s code.



Google Cloud

Node JS

React & React Native


Genie Wi-Fi garage door openers

Overhead Wi-Fi garage door openers

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