Experience a seamless floral arrangement with Imajine's custom software solution

Our custom solution allows Flower Arranger offer their customers a unique and improved flower purchasing experience.


The challenge

Flower Arranger is an online platform that simplifies the process of purchasing floral arrangements for the memorial of the loved ones.

The key challenges in developing Flower Arranger’s platform were managing flower placement, integrating with multiple funeral homes, and implementing payment processing.

Our solution

Leveraging our expertise and advanced technologies, we crafted a seamless and intuitive experience for both funeral homes and their customers.

Using state-of-the-art web development technologies, such as React.js, we created a user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation and selection of desired floral arrangements.
The integration with Stripe Connect streamlined payment processing, providing a secure and reliable transaction experience for Flower Arranger, funeral homes, and their valued customers.

Design process

Our design team ensured that the interface was clear, fresh and provided a multi-platform experience.

What key features enhanced Flower Arranger's UX and UI?

Visualized Flower Arrangements: Providing customers with a visually appealing representation of their chosen arrangements, allowing them to see how the flowers will look during the memorial service
Easy Navigation: Implementing an intuitive and straightforward navigation system, allowing customers to effortlessly browse different categories, filter options, and access additional information as needed.
Clear Product Descriptions: Presenting comprehensive details and descriptions of each flower type, including size, color variations, and any customization options available
Responsive Design: Ensuring the platform is accessible and optimally displayed across various devices and screen sizes, allowing users to shop for arrangements conveniently on their preferred devices.

Our design focus

Our UX UI team focused on delivering a seamless and visually captivating experience, simplifying the process of selecting and purchasing floral arrangements during difficult times while ensuring a meaningful tribute to loved ones.

A role for everybody

Our team developed a custom platform that could be used by florists, clients, admins and funeral homes.


Flower Arranger has three main web sections

These are the floral arrangement vendors who offer their products through Flower Arranger. They can include florists and other flower suppliers.
These are the funeral homes that use Flower Arranger to help family and friends select and display floral arrangements for funeral ceremonies.
These are the family members and friends who use Flower Arranger to purchase floral arrangements for their deceased loved ones. They can access the platform through a private link provided by the respective funeral home.

Technical information

Imajine used a combination of programming languages and API technologies to develop a customized and secure solution that would allow funeral homes to generate personalized shopping links for their customers.
Stripe Connect, specifically tailored for marketplaces, facilitated identity verification and business verification for all parties involved. This allowed us to create a trusted environment for all users, and Flower Arranger could facilitate and monetize transactions efficiently.