Imajine Studio was hired for the entire YieldsBucks product design and development

Imajine Studio was hired for the entire YieldsBucks product design and development.


The challenge

There is no easy way for consumers to track their credit card rewards and cashback across all the various banks they might own credit cards.

Our client’s idea was to develop a mobile app for users to track credit card rewards and cash back centrally from one location.

Our solution

This mobile app is a fin-tech platform that allows user to sync their credit cards from all their banks, view all their cashback rewards, track their spending, and receive real time notifications on what cards to use based on their current store location.

Design Process

For the design process we considered that the app will be used for any age people so, we focused on creating the design as clean as possible.

1. Define user types and create the best experience for them

The consideration of the user experience was easy to make because the standard of range of use.

For this product, the age and gender wasn’t a limitation. In terms of design, we focused on design for the “Next million of users” that means that we kept the design open ended and flexible... considering that anyone should have access to the benefits obtained from their financial products. 
Our main user was clear: Anyone with a bank account Anyone with a credit or debit card Anyone with an intelligent device.

2. Translate the UX Research into visual elements

To simplify the product we used simple, universal elements for users to be able to focus on key product activities.

We just kept present the branding that the client provided, color was slightly applied to highlight some important elements and those that was required to bring the atention to.


Technical information

Considering that this is a platform that requires requesting and sending data over again from different platforms, we have implemented technologies to deliver a nice and smooth performance of the product.